Friday, 9 January 2015

It's Friday!!!

Yes, finally it's Friday. And next week will be exciting!!!

Flower necklace and belt from YRYS
Ring & necklace from Kikay Dhez Collections
Earring from NCat Philippines


Who loves bow tie?

A modern bow tie is tied using a common shoelace knot.
Made of any fabric-material but now there's also new trend bow which is made of Hama/Perler Beads.

Your bow tie can also use as head bands and ponytail.

Newest trends the Hama/Perler Beads

Mini bow

Hairclip Bow

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Braid It

Hello fellow, How do you style your hair? Do you also love braid?
Share with me your own style.

Waterfall Braid

Different style for fishtail

One sided braid